27th PRESS SERVICE, 5-14 October 2022 FORUM BIFF

Film Technology/Industry/Policy Forum

Technical, Industrial, and Policy Issues in the present Korean Film Scene

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10/5(Sat) National Museum of Film, Korea: Centennial of Korean Cinema, Investment for Future Visual Contents
This is the first official discussion to request the establishment of Korean Film Museum for archiving the past of Korean films and outlooking the future of Korean cinema on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Korean film history.
Time 10:30~13:00
Venue Minseok Theater, Centum Campus, Dongseo University (B1F)
Sponsor BIFF, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Incheon Film Commission
Sponsor BIFF, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Incheon Film Commission
Panel Moderator: KIM Hong-Joon (Professor of Korea National University of Arts)
Panel: KIM Jongwon (Film Historian), LEE Eun (Korean Film Producers Associations), YANG Yoonho (Korea Film Director's Society), MOON Jaecheol (Korean Cinema Association), CHO Hyejung (The Korean Association of Film Critics)
Presentation and discussion Process and Consideration for the Establishment of National Museum of Film, Korea CHO Joon-hyung (Senior Researcher, KOFA)
Outline and Plan of the establishment of National Museum of Film, Korea CHAE Ji-young (Research Committee Member of Korea Culture and Tourism Institute)/td>
Recent Trend of Foreign Film Museums and Models of Modern Film Museum PARK Shin-ui (Professor of Arts and Cultural MBA of Kyung Hee Univ.)
Panel Discussion
Floor Discussion
10/5(Sat) Evolution of VR Films without Boundary
Films have been changed in many forms with the development of technology. Especially, Virtual Reality(VR) films have evolved into a fusion of genres such as games, musicals, plays and dance, creating a novelty for the audience. Dankook University Graduate School of Cinematic Contents(DGC), together with the Busan International Film Festival, holds an international forum on the boundary-free evolution of Virtual Reality(VR) films to not only introduce new VR films mixed with high-tech and various art genres but also explore the convergence of technology and films and its potential.
Time 13:30~18:00
Venue Conference Hall, Busan Visual Industry Center (11F)
Hosts Dankook University’s Graduate School of Film Content, BIFF, Busan Visual Industry(DGC)
13:30~15:40 Session1 Film and VR Technology
The Future of Audience Experiences in Immersive Mediums Ellie Ngim (VR Film Director, Co-founder at BeVRR)
A New Interface for Films: The Acting Audience CHE Minhyuk (VR Film Director / Space x Girl, Nine VR)
Production Process of VR Film Memory of the Day PARK Bongsoo (VR Film Producer / Memory of the Day)
VR: Redefinition of "Film" LEE Junhee (Graduate Student at DGC)
Storytelling of Virtual Reality Film Utilizing Sensibility and Emotion KANG Jiyoung (Professor at DGC)
16:00~18:00 Session2 Convergence of VR Film and Media
From Games to Films and VR – Transmedia Storytelling John Han-chiang Hsu (VR Film Director / Spiritual Temple)
Kowloon Forest: A VR Film about Finding Intimacy in a City of Density Alexey Marfin (VR Film Director / Kowloon Forest)
Melding VR Documentary Cinema & Live Hip-Hop: Processes & Collaboration I. Adele Ray (VR Film Director, Adjunct professor at Berkeley City College)
A Study on the Cinematic Grammar of VR Film JEONG Beomyoun (VR Film Director / Anna, Mari, Candidate of Ph.D at Graduate School of Imaging Science, Multimedia&Film Chung-Ang University)
VR Cinema, Interactive - The Boundary Between Film and Game KIM Eun-Sung (STOIC Entertainment Director)
* pecial Screening Related to VR Film Forum
New VR films which push boundaries of technology and genre are available as promoters of the forum. These films were produced by directors and producers from Korea, the US, Singapore and Taiwan.
Time 10/4(Fri) ~10/5(Sat) 11:00~17:00
Venue Conference Hall Lounge, Busan Visual Industry Center (11F)
10/6(Sun) Korean Film Labor Safety Diagnosis and Tasks
Labor safety is being further strengthened by the revision of the Industrial Safety and Health Act. In spite of that, the film industry is still exposed to the reproduction of various dangerous situations (representation of fire, blasting, falls, traffic accidents, etc.) and the discussion of labor safety has yet to begin. The reality of film production related to labor safety, such as the Industrial Safety and Health Act, is examined.
Time 14:00~16:00
Venue Conference Hall, Busan Visual Industry Center (11F)
Hosts KIM Young Joo (Democratic Party of Korea, member of the National Assembly), Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Federation of Korea Movie Workers' Union(FKMWU)
Panel KIM hyounho (Senior Research Engineer), CHOI Yeowool (Cooperation Researcher Engineer), KANG Tae Sun (Semyung University), CHO Sungae (Occupational Health and Safety Department), AHN Byoungho (FKMWU), CHOI Jung Hwa (Producers Guild of Korea)
10/7(Mon) Film Technology Master Class Workshop (Busan)
Korean Film Council seeks to reinforce korean film technology capabilities and future development through Film Technology Master Class Workshop. ‘Master Class Workshop’ will share the knowledge of film and digital production technology for film creators and industrial workers in lectures of masters from various fields(Director, Cinematography, Lighting).
Time 12:00~15:00
Venue CGV Centum CIty 1
Hosts Korean Film Council(KOFIC), BIFF, Korea Film Director's Society(KFDC), Korean Society of Cinematographers(KSC), Korea Society of Lighting Directors(KSLD)).
Speaker CHO Dong-kwan (KSC, Chairman), YANG yun-ho (KFDC, Chairman), NAM Jin-ah (KSLD, Lighting Director)
10/7(Mon) Masked Talk! The Korean Film Production Environment in 2019!
The revised Labor Standards Act has been applied to the Korean film industry since July 2018, causing confusion in the filming scene. In response, Producers Guild of Korea(PGK) provides a forum for public discussion on the stability of the Korean film production environment.
Time 13:00~15:00
Venue Conference Hall, Busan Visual Industry Center (11F)
Hosts Producers Guild of Korea, BIFF, Busan Visual Industry Center
Panel CHOI Jeong-Hwa(PGK), 4 Korean Filmmakers from production, directing, photography, lighting, art, etc.
Issue Talk! The Korean Film Production ERP
The importance of efficient management of production environment is growing more than ever in accordance with the changing production environment of Korean films. ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) system application that combines new IT technologies has been developed. Producers and application developers will gather to find more efficient production management in the future.
Time 16:00~18:00
Venue Conference Hall, Busan Visual Industry Center (11F)
Hosts Producers Guild of Korea, BIFF, Busan Visual Industry Center
Panel CHOI Jeong-Hwa(PGK), PGK Producers, Application Developer(O2Palm Inc.)
10/8(Tue) Female Cinematographers in Korea
Cinematographers Guild of Korea hosts a forum on promoting the discovery of women power in technology and finding cinematographers’ narratives which have long been hidden.
Time 14:00 ~ 18:00
Venue Conference Hall, Busan Visual Industry Center (11F)
Hosts Cinematographers Guild of Korea(CGK), BIFF, Busan Visual Industry Center
Moderator KIM Haery (Editorial Member of Cine21)
Panel KIM Sun-ryung (Hearty Paws, How to Use Guys with Secret Tips), EOM Hye-jeong (Bluebeard), LEE Sun-young (Marriage Blue, Working Girl)