Busan International Film Festival FORUM BIFF

Life, Culture, and Cinema in the COVID-19 Era

Life, Culture, and Cinema in the COVID-19 Era

Life, Culture, and Cinema in the COVID-19 Era

We humans are now in an intense shock caused by COVID-19. Although we might be able to go back to normal lives, the lives we'll have will never be the same as before because we all have already realized that different worlds are possible. However, the new world is not granted to come, and we don't know if it will necessarily be a better one. That's where our choices and actions become important deciding factors. It's a matter of intelligence, courage and will that enable the better world.

At this year's Forum BIFF, we would like to have an opportunity to contemplate on contradiction and possibility in our lives in the crisis caused by the new virus. The forum largely consists of three sessions. Each session will focus on 'everyday life and culture', 'film art and film industry', and 'film festival' respectively. The researchers and experts in each field will explore, discuss and suggest the problems arisen by COVID-19, its systematic condition and the new crisis and possibilities after COVID-19.

Changes in Life and Culture in the COVID-19 Era

COVID-19 throws a hard task on the humans. It's time when we need to rethink the existing way of being and acting, distinguish what to keep and what to give up, and boldly explore the new possibilities. Through Forum BIFF, we would like to offer an opportunity to pay attention and contemplate on the lifestyle and cultural change required in the current world to take part in the current panhuman task we're facing.

Moderator Cheon Jung-hwan(Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
Speaker Kwon Beomchul(Univ. of Seoul) Becoming-‘we’ in the age of pandemic
Choi Eun Kyung(Kyungpook Univ.) Caring with Mask during Pandemic: Whom to care, How to care
Kim Hyonkyong(Yonsei Univ.) COVID-19 and hospitality
Oh Youngjin(Hanyang Univ.) Anxiety and Joy of Distance Education: Acceleration in the Classroom
Cinema in the COVID-19 Era

The film scene is facing a major blow due to COVID-19. The crisis is actually unveiling the loopholes, which already existed in ongoing practices and fixed systems. What are the patterns of them and how can they be solved? It seems that we need long-term measures to deal with the problems instead of an immediate allopath, as only then we can turn this crisis to an opportunity. On the other hand, we should also notice that COVID-19 is causing not only pains. There are some newly emerging groups and agents, which lead to radical transformation in the film scene. Is this a sign for a positive change, or a portent of unprecedented crisis? This session is an attempt to seek momentum for healthy progress in the film world amidst the turbulent changing era.

Moderator Choi Jaewon(Warner Bros. Korea)
Speaker Min Kyu-dong(DGK) Korean Film Industry in a Constant State of Disaster
Choi Jeonghwa(PGK) Post COVID-19: The Key Lies in the Structure
Cho Youngkag(Indie Ground) Looking Back on the Importance of Small Communities
Park Taehoon(Watcha) Film Industry and OTT in the COVID-19 Era: A New Normal
Kim Yiseok(Dong-Eui Univ.) What and where does the audience see in the 21stcentury?